Investment Philosophy

Our proprietary portfolios are based on a strict core philosophy which include:

Matching Risk and Returns

  • We understand that everyone is unique and all risk profiles are matched with the appropriate portfolio that fits your needs

Passive Investing

  • We take a passive approach to investing and believe in ignoring the short-term volatility of the market and focusing on the long-term


  • We invest in the entire market, including international, because spreading our investments across a broad spectrum reduces risk and volatility

Portfolio Re-Balancing

  • Consistently staying within your portfolio mix (stock vs. bonds) is important because an unbalanced portfolio can lead to too much risk or not enough risk

Low-Expense Portfolios

  • Extra expenses in your portfolio can lead to reduced returns.  Our portfolios utilize low-cost ETF's so you keep more of your returns

Exercising Patience

  • Our portfolios are designed for long-term investing and exercising patience. People tend to sell when the market is low and buy when the market is high, this pattern only perpetuates long-term loss of your investments