Risk Management

At Qualified Planning our first job is to identify your potential risk, analyze the impact on your goals and finally make recommendations that will help absorb or mitigate those risks.   Below are some of the factors that can significantly impact your goals.

  • Outliving your money

    • Not having enough retirement savings to sustain your living expenses if you end up living longer then you planned 

  • Need for Long Term Care

    •  You may need someone to take care of you if you become incapacitated to the point where you cannot perform basic acts of daily living

  • Rising healthcare cost

    • Health care costs are usually the biggest expense in retirement, planning ahead for them will minimize their negative impact

  • Short/long term disability

    • You are not able to earn money because of a mental or physical impaired condition that limits your ability to perform workplace functioning 

  • Premature Death

    • Leaving your family without financial security because of death before their mortality age

  • Inflation

    • Every year you are losing purchasing power as you age in retirement because of the rising costs of goods and services